At the Library House Next week!

== Tuesday 21st. 7.45pm to start 8pm ==
Meeting of the social center.
After few meetings with a lot of different nice people and energy, we feel we would like to have now a stable group of people who would be up to commit in running the space. If you feel that you have time and energy to give to a fantastic place in the camberwell/brixton area, come along at the meeting this tuesday!

== Wednesday 22nd 6pm ==
Cafe Marie.
Hot drinks, cake and hot food and Free vegetables to give away! Come along and try our new blue sofa, the most comfiest in the world!

== Thursday 23rd 6pm ==
Capoeira Workshop.
Our Capoeira lessons start this week! Every thursday, our local capoeira facilitator will be there to share some capoeira skills to whoever is interested!

== Saturday 25th Busy day! ==
– 2pm to 6pm: Food buying group workshop (2pm) + meeting of the south london anarchist network (4pm)
– 12 to 4pm Cafe Marie
– 8pm til late but not so late: Butterfly/Benefit Party. Two in one: dressing up party and Fundraiser (we need money for our future alternative energy equipment – bike powered and solar panels!)
Theme of the dressing up party will be anything that starts with a B (like Butterfly or Banana or Banker).


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