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We’re having a break!

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hello all!

Well, we had some fantastic 3 months! :) and now we’re having a break (no queer cinema night the 19th) until the week of January the 5th 2009. We’ll keep you posted about what’s happening here.

Enjoy the next 3 weeks and see you soon!


17th December: Cafe Marie + Movie!

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As usual Cafe Marie on wednesdays. Nice food and hot drinks from 6 onwards..

Then at 8 again a great movie screening…  Pan’s Labyrinth from director: Guillermo del Toro


Spain, 1944. Officially, the Civil War has been over for five years, but a small group of rebels fights on unbroken in the northern mountains of Navarra. Dreamy 10-year-old Ofelia moves to Navarra with her delicate, pregnant mother Carmen, to become acquainted with her new stepfather, Captain Vidal, a Fascist officer under orders to rid the territory of rebels. Ofelia, who is fascinated by fairy tales, discovers an overgrown, tumbledown labyrinth behind the mill. In the heart of the labyrinth she meets an ancient faun who claims to know her true identity and her secret destiny. But first, she must complete three tasks before the moon grows full. And no one must know: not her ailing mother, or her new friend, Mercedes. Time is running out, for Ofelia and for the rebels. Both will have to battle hardship and cruelty in order to gain their freedom.

Queer Group Meeting Thu 18 dec 7.30pm

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Call out:

“We are having the stirrings of an anti-capitalist queer activist group that hopes to look at more than just identity politics. we are interested in meeting twice a month… once in south london and once north of the river.

Have been talking with a lot of folks lately about activism in general. how there´s an awful lot of fantastic queer folk in london who are active in politics and it wold be nice come together to collaborate on some political projects, create an affinity group for actions and work on inclusiveness in our circles. areas of focus could be race, anti-militarism, trans, deaths in custoday, prison abolition, no borders, pride next year, feminism, the list is endless.

So if a group was meeting regularly (every 2 weeks) we could plan some activism/solidarity/education.”

Queer Movie Night!! 12th of December, 8:00

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Come all to our wonderful queer movie night on friday evening at 8!

We have a collection of shortfilms, all named together: ” Campfire”  by Bavo Defurne. One of them is about a camping trip for scouts where a boy falls in love with his best friend and causes tension in the scouting group….


” Bavo Defurne’s rich and beautiful short films examine gay love and loss and mark the emergence of one of Europe’s most exciting young filmmakers. ”

We also have Cry Baby (John Waters), in case people want to argue about which movie they want to watch… :)


And then, lets all go to the No Borders/Queer exile benefit gig @ the Old Budhist Centre, Carlisle lane, London SE1 7LG. This is a split benefit for london NoBorders and for a very dear friend and Hackney Queer Activist who has recently been refused return to the UK by the bastard Home office. Suggested donatio £5. From 8pm to 3am.

South London Squatters Network Tue 16th dec 7pm

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Every squatters living south of the river are warmly welcome to the South London Squatters Network meetings Tuesday the 16th, 7pm at the Library House.

Come along to support each other, to share skills and info, to find people to squat with, to create solidarities!

or just to share a cuppa around a heater :) Bring your biscuits!


Cafe Marie and yummy movies

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RECLAIM YOUR FOOD and FOOD NOT BOMBS are alive and will be again in the street!!

Follow up RYF next SUNDAY 14th December (the last of this year?!) in Brixton and FNB next SATURDAY 13th in Whitechapel

WEDNESDAY screening will be about food production, waste of this society, repression, … and love for vegan food!


Reclaim your Surplus is a 20min documentary about  the amount of waste the society produces, about police repression, about the surplus created by the society and how it can damage ecosystems, small ecomomy all around the world and… it is about Reaclaim ur Food!

Our Daily Bread, a documentary out of the Netherlands directed by Austrian Nikolaus Geyrhalter, that gives us a bird’s eye view of the daily operations of a variety of agro-businesses, but does so without a single moment of voice-over narration.


Cinema Libre at the Cafe Marie this wednesday

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Cafe will start at 6pm as usual

And then Movies from Cinema Libre from 7.30pmish

In conjuction with the Climate March on Saturday 6th December, we will be screening a selection of Films highlighting the effects of global warming as well as films exploring alternatives to our currrent dependency on oil and discovering real solutions that can me implemeted.

Films include

‘Tipping Point’
An animated film from Plane Stupid’s Leo Murray, explaing how runaway climate change could begin…and what we can do to stop it

‘No New Coal’
Rob Newman narrates “Kingsnorth: a local issue goes global” – a film about the local and international effects of building a new coal power station at Kingsnorth.

More to be announced
Please check out the Climate Safety report , it may come as a sobering reality check for those of you unaware of the latest predictions.

For more info on the Climate March see

As usual we look forward to hearing your opinions and ideas on this issue