Cinema Libre at the Cafe Marie this wednesday

Cafe will start at 6pm as usual

And then Movies from Cinema Libre from 7.30pmish

In conjuction with the Climate March on Saturday 6th December, we will be screening a selection of Films highlighting the effects of global warming as well as films exploring alternatives to our currrent dependency on oil and discovering real solutions that can me implemeted.

Films include

‘Tipping Point’
An animated film from Plane Stupid’s Leo Murray, explaing how runaway climate change could begin…and what we can do to stop it

‘No New Coal’
Rob Newman narrates “Kingsnorth: a local issue goes global” – a film about the local and international effects of building a new coal power station at Kingsnorth.

More to be announced
Please check out the Climate Safety report , it may come as a sobering reality check for those of you unaware of the latest predictions.

For more info on the Climate March see

As usual we look forward to hearing your opinions and ideas on this issue


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