Queer Movie Night!! 12th of December, 8:00

Come all to our wonderful queer movie night on friday evening at 8!

We have a collection of shortfilms, all named together: ” Campfire”  by Bavo Defurne. One of them is about a camping trip for scouts where a boy falls in love with his best friend and causes tension in the scouting group….


” Bavo Defurne’s rich and beautiful short films examine gay love and loss and mark the emergence of one of Europe’s most exciting young filmmakers. ”

We also have Cry Baby (John Waters), in case people want to argue about which movie they want to watch… :)


And then, lets all go to the No Borders/Queer exile benefit gig @ the Old Budhist Centre, Carlisle lane, London SE1 7LG. This is a split benefit for london NoBorders and for a very dear friend and Hackney Queer Activist who has recently been refused return to the UK by the bastard Home office. Suggested donatio £5. From 8pm to 3am.


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