Queer Cinema Night: Shorts from London Transgender Film Festival

Welcome to our first Queer Cinema Night of 09!
From now on, the night will be a monthly night (probably first Friday of the month), but anyone interested in running it more regularly is very welcome to contact us! :)

For this Friday the 9th, 8pm, we will be showing a selection of short movies from the London Transgender FilmFestival

This will include:

USA 2008. Dir: Ali Cotterill. 4min. music video
Fagette is a trans-fabulous Sunday in the park. It’s croquet gone gay, drag-tastic cheerleaders, and synchronized dance, all in an Astroturf wonderland.

AFRICA 2007. Dir : Mathilda Piehl. 30minsimmagine3
In a backyard in the township of Katlehong a group of young lesbian guys let us ask questions about their lives and how they survive in a sexist, homophobic and often violent surrounding. Through adversities and hardship these young South Africans bear an immense amount of hope and courage.

USA 2005. Dir: Gina Pei Chi 3:00min
Somewhere In Between traces the formation of an Asian girl’s androgynous identity through documenting real life images with first person voice over narration. While the images are showing various public places like churches, playgrounds, washrooms, and clothing stores, the audio is revealing the girl’s experience as being gender bended and her deep concern about the social construction of binary gender roles.

USA 2007/8. Dir: Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson. 5mins
The San Francisco Trans March is both a protest against the violence and discrimination faced by the trans community and a celebration of their strength and spirit. We asked everybody at the march “How do you define your gender?” You may be surprised at the variety of answers. In memory of Gwen Araujo, Ruby Ordenana, Tony “Delicious” Green, Michelle Eddie Lee, Tyra Hunter and all those whose lives are threatened by homophobia and transphobia.

ONE IN 2000
USA 2006. Dir: Ajae Clearway. 27min
‘One in 2000’ explores intersex lives from a variety of perspectives and diverse voices. It reaches beyond the issues of gender and medical treatment to connect with a wider audience on the topics of family, school, and relationships. This moment in time is an historical crossroads in which doctors around the world are beginning to treat intersex not as a social emergency, but as the complex condition that it is.


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