South London Squatters Network Meeting

Every squatters living south of the river are warmly welcome to the South London Squatters Network meetings Tuesday the 6th, 7.30pm at the Library House.

Come along to support each other, to share skills and info, to find people to squat with, to create solidarities!

or just to share a cuppa around a heater :) Bring your biscuits!


3 Responses to “South London Squatters Network Meeting”

  1. hi was given your web site by some one i know.
    any way above it sais squatters south of the river are warmly welcome, well im not south of the river, any more due to some violent squatts in south london,
    but i am still interested in networking with none violent squatters.
    i hope to hear from you soon

  2. carole mitchell Says:

    looking for guy called renold met in 1986 came from france i think. 1986 lived at 11 Elliots row, elephant and castle,during 1986. father of my daughter natalie now 22 years of age. know of wareabouts please contact.

  3. hiya , all

    are the meetings still going on ?? becos ppl are not updateing this site here

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