Cafe Marie + film about Tamil struggle

As usual, this wednesday 6pm, there will be some hot drinks and hot food on donation.

This week cinema Libre presents a night on the Tamil struggle With all independent journalists barred for over 2 years in the rebel held conflict area and the local media in all other government controlled areas in Sri Lanka, intimidated by the killings of journalists, followed by the eviction of foreign journalists mostly with aid agencies, there is now this dark war, a proxy war for many antagonists united (China, Pakistan, Iran & the “G8”) being conducted in Sri Lanka in the most brutal manner new york ‘Genocide Watch’ has now declared that this has reached genocidal proportions. our western media has been slow to break their silence, imposed on them by the policies tying them to the war on terror. Is it too late? Films on the history of the conflict, Speakers and discussion


One Response to “Cafe Marie + film about Tamil struggle”

  1. Hi,

    when you say “this wednesday” it would be best if you could specify the date of the month it is planned for? The day it is posted is fine, but a few weeks afterwards it might be a bit confusing



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