This week’s events (April 27th- May 4th)

==Monday 27th 6.30-8pm==
*Kundalini Yoga 6-week course*
Kundalini Yoga returns to The Library House for six weeks only. The theme is vitality, Working with breath movement, mantra and meditation we will tap into our infinite energetic reserves and release old debilitating energy.
Monday evenings from April 27th 6-30 to 8pm. Donations appreciated.
Wear loose comfy clothing and bring water and a blanket or something warm to cover you; to relax in. If the weathers nice we’ll be outdoors. Contact Laura 07779 284527 for more details.

==Tuesday 28th April 8pm==
*Weekly Collective meeting*
This is a good chance to talk to the collective if you want to have an event in the space or to find out more about getting involved there.

==Wednesday 29th 6pm onwards==
*IRAQI LGBT BENEFIT – Cafe Marie + Cinema Libre *
The weekly cafe starts around 6pm with lovingly cooked vegan food and access to the free shop. Friendly folks get together to chat before the films from Cinema Libre at 8pm. Expect a clever mix of political and current event shorts or similarly themed documentaries for most nights. Discussions between films, as well.
All donations will go to Iraqi LGBT
Website :

==Thursday 30th 7-9pm==
We are a group of people sharing and learning some capoeira. We want to have fun while finding our roots The space is rather small but it is great fun as you need to be really aware of your surroundings. We usually practice movements, make a rodinha and play live music. We have all we need: good mood, a lot of energy and wilingness to learn. Sessions are free and you are more than welcome to join us!

**<<== 100 flowers social centre ==>>**

2a Belgrade Road, Dalston
Belgrade road is a newly opened social space in dalston/stoke newington.
It is collectively run and open to the public. We currently have two
weekly events and more to come soon…
*Tuesday 7.30pm life drawing*
naked narcisistic anarchists require people to draw us…
*Thursday 1 – 5pm bike workshop*
Tools and skills available to help you fix/build/pimp your bike

**<<== Other Announcements ==>>**

For centuries Mayday has brought people together and out onto the streets.
People danced for the coming summer and the fertility of the crops. People marched in remembrance and solidarity with their fellow workers around the world. People gathered in their cities to fight against global capital and exploitation.
Smash EDO invites you to a celebration of all these aspects of Mayday.
In Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine there are people who will never plant another seed, work in safety or control what they produce. These are the people whose lives have been destroyed by war and occupation whose pain is transferred into profit by the arms trade. The war machine can only exist through the demands of international capital and the greed of industry. There has been a long vibrant campaign to stop these war profiteers in the city of Brighton, come and be part of it…
Come dance, fight, and remember the victims of ITT.
Smash EDO has been campaigning for over four years to close down EDO MBM/ITT. EDO produce arms components which are used against civilians around the world. Smash EDO will not give up until we close the factory down. Last year hundreds of people from around the country came to the ‘Carnival Against the Arms Trade’ and ‘Shut ITT’ demonstrations. Since then a network of anti-militarist groups has begun working together against the war machine across the UK. If EDO closes it will send shockwaves through the UK arms industry. We want this to be the biggest show of force yet against EDO.


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