LE GRANDE FETE: open day and djs 23rd May

open day 23rd may


  • 11am Invisible Food walk (harvesting wild herbs and plants that are growing in our streets and greens!)
  • 12.30 Cooking what we got during the walk!
  • 2-4pm DIY rainwater harvesting wheelie bin (we got rain, we got wheelie bins, lets make somerainwater harvesting wheelie bins!)
  • 4-5pm SOMA an Anarchist Therapy
  • 4-7pm Bike fixing workshop
  • 6pm Capoeira rodha


from 6pm (bring your own tofu!)

Hopefully a bit of a jam session around bonfire…


9pm-3am Some bands (52 commercial road confirmed) + DJs (Dissident Island DJs…)

for pleasure and rage (free)


2 Responses to “LE GRANDE FETE: open day and djs 23rd May”

  1. Tadhg from Nice Says:

    And what a fete it was, thanks guys!
    (Oops, commented in the wrong one last time!)

  2. I came along and had a great time. How good where the band ’52 Commercial Road’.

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