Newsletter 8-15th June

This week, our special event is a photograph exhibition on saturday 13th at 7pm. Kiera James took pictures of squats and squatters around London and will be showing them at the Library House.

Summer is coming, and there will probably be some changes at the Library House.
First is the change of shape of our cafe. You got a message about that yesterday. Wednesday evenings will be less food and more sun: welcome to our Summer Cinema Libre!
Once in a while we will do a special cafe (maybe benefit, special screenings, talks etc) with lots of food but we will let you know on time off course!
Kundalini Yoga is over. There might be some random yoga lessons during summer, just keep an eye on the newsletter and the website if you’re interested.
Also, if you interested in more SOMA anarchist therapy workshops (cause you couldn’t make it on the open day!), contact us and we’ll put you in contact with the relevant people :)

==Tuesday 9th 8pm==
*Weekly Collective meeting*
This is a good chance to talk to the collective if you want to have an event in the space or to find out more about getting involved there.

==Wednesday 10th 8pm onwards==
*Summer Cinema Libre*
From now on the cafes on wednesdays in the Library House will be a little bit different. It’s getting summery and so its light outside till late. We will serve snacks (cakes, salads or whatever) but no complete meals anymore. So come at 8pm for snacks and films to the Library House!

==Thursday 11th 7-9pm==

We are a group of people sharing and learning some capoeira. We want to have fun while finding our roots. If the weather is nice, we should go in the park. We usually practice movements, make a rodinha and play live music. We have all we need: good mood, a lot of energy and willingness to learn. Sessions are free, and you are more than welcome to join us!

==Saturday 13th 7-10pm==

*Blink and you’ll miss it: Squats close up.*
New photographs by K. James. K. James presents several groups of images, both black and white and colour, that challenge us to look closer at the people and landscapes of the London squatting scene.

**<<== Belgrade Road social centre ==>>**

2a Belgrade Road, Dalston.
Belgrade road is a newly opened social space in dalston/stoke newington.
It is collectively run and open to the public.
*Tuesdays 7.30pm // life drawing*
naked narcisistic anarchists require people to draw us…
*Thursdays 1-5pm // bike workshop*
Tools and skills available to help you fix/build/pimp your bike
*Mondays 11am-2pm // Free English classes for beginners*
everyone is welcome, tea and coffee will be provided. contact: 07928102817
*Sundays from 5pm onwards // Cafe*
Veggie and vegan food on donation, films, nice peeps…


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