Newsletter 15th 21st June

==Tuesday 16th 8pm==
*Weekly Collective meeting*
This is a good chance to talk to the collective if you want to have an event in the space or to find out more about getting involved there.

==Wednesday 17th 7pm onwards==

*Queer Cafe Food and Talkin’*
DO YOU WANT TO COME AND EAT DINNER (delicious, hot & cheap, just like the queers who’ll be making it) AND DISCUSS THE FORTHCOMING PRIDE MARCH & FESTIVITIES ON 4TH JULY?
Are we dissatisfied? do we want to communicate that to our lgbt siblings? do something on that date? do we want to disrupt the march? be a black bloc? kill the cops? or at least take the piss out of them? clown army? prance around in nothing more than a provacative banner – or body paint? produce some propaganda that explains what we mean by words like ‘anarch@-queer’ & ‘anti-assimilation’? recruit/seduce? cover the west end in spray-painted slogans? picket or picnic with the trans community? stay at home and ignore the whole thing? what do you think? please come along and share your desires, so we can make them happen!
The Library House has a fabulous free shop, so if you have any clothes, shoes, records, books, bric a brac which need redistribution, bring them along for everyone else to rummage through/fight over.
Yes, there will be (vegan) cake. And ice-cream for early arrivers if it’s sunny…
All ages welcome – there’s a separate room for kids to hang out in if they want to.
If you can’t make it on the 17th, but have some ideas for action, or want to be kept in the loop, contact us c/o

==Thursday 18th 7-9pm==

We are a group of people sharing and learning some capoeira. We want to have fun while finding our roots. If the weather is nice, we should go in the park. We usually practice movements, make a rodinha and play live music. We have all we need: good mood, a lot of energy and willingness to learn. Sessions are free, and you are more than welcome to join us!

==Saturday 20th 7-10pm==
*Food and Free Shop @ The Big Event Myatts Fields*
Myatts fields is our local park. There will be an afternoon of events from 2pm. We decided to go there, having a stall, a free shop, Food Not Bombs and Reclaim your Food will be making yummy free vegan food. Join us for lots of fun with our neighbours in the park!

**<<== Belgrade Road social centre ==>>**

2a Belgrade Road, Dalston.
Belgrade road is a newly opened social space in dalston/stoke newington.
It is collectively run and open to the public.
*Tuesdays 7.30pm // life drawing*
naked narcisistic anarchists require people to draw us…
*Thursdays 1-5pm // bike workshop*
Tools and skills available to help you fix/build/pimp your bike
*Mondays 11am-2pm // Free English classes for beginners*
everyone is welcome, tea and coffee will be provided. contact: 07928102817
*Sundays from 5pm onwards // Cafe*
Veggie and vegan food on donation, films, nice peeps…

**<<== Other Annoucements ==>>**

== Benefit punk gig for the iraqi lgbt // Wednesday 17th 9.30pm==
The gig is happening in a nearby pub, with hot queer punk bands from other places, and those bands will be starting at 9.30/10pm.
The Grosvenor
Sidney Road, Stockwell, London, SW9 OTP
8pm till close. £4.00/£5.00 Wednesday June 17th
PONYPACK (holland)
The Suicidal Birds.
Monica and the Explosion.

== Free School on Housing, Squatting and against Gentrification 19-21 June==
A weekend of workshops, discussions and skillsharing to promote free, community organised learning
The London FreeSchool is planning another event for late June which will be completely free and open to all willing to respect the ideals of the freeschool and each other. In order for this to be successful we need a timetable and for that we need you! So, if there’s something you always wanted to learn, a skill you are willing to share or a topic for discussion you think is important we would love to hear from you.. drop us a line:
deschooling_society [at] lists [dot] riseup [dot] net.

10am onwards working on the building; cleaning/fixing up(leccy plumbing)/decorating
Welcoming tour 4-6
Claiming Housing Benefits 6-7:30
Tenant’s rights 6-7.30
7:30-8:30 dinner
The law is an ASS (squatting laws) 8:30-10

10am onwards working on the building; cleaning/fixing up(leccy plumbing)/decorating
Save Queens Market campaign  1-2:30
Housing Coop 2-3.30
DCH Council Flat Occupation 3-4:30
Tenants Rights 5-6:30
7-8 dinner
8 Movies!!

10am onwards working on the building; cleaning/fixing up/decorating
Feminism and housing – rant session 1-2:30
Rant session on the property bubble 3-4:30
Squats stories 5-6:30
7-8 Dinner
Planning session for squats + autonomous days of actions 8-9

London FreeSchool aims to confront the hierarchy and inequality that dominates learning. It stems from a belief that the control and institutionalisation of education is wrong and as communities we need to reclaim knowledge in order to develop self reliance. It is a collectively run project open to all, in fact we are actively seeking new bodies who want to get involved and help organise similar events to this. If you are up for this then please get in contact (deschooling_society [at] lists [dot] riseup [dot] net).
Check the website from now onwards for more information on what is planned for the weekend. We hope to have all the descriptions for workshops up as soon as possible and the full timetable will be posted later.
Sign up to our newsletter at for irregular updates on upcoming events in London.


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