Calliope Of The Future

birthday party

birthday party

a big event is coming on thursday the 17th. it is already the birthday of the library house!!!

to celebrate our one year existence (and hopefully many years may follow)
we have the great band the calliope of the future playing at our house.
check them out on myspace.
it is a four person acoustic storytelling steampunk band from Colorado,
US. they are currently riding bicycles around the UK and playing music.
they are comprised of an accordionographer, a glockenspieler and
saw-player, a tap-dancing mandolinist and a double bass player, along
with a few other instruments.
Supported by Skookum boom; with Leon walker, Captain of the Rant + more! so come by and let yourself surprise.
celebrate the birthday with us, interesting music and booze.

800pm-1200 Donations welcome.


One Response to “Calliope Of The Future”

  1. 56a Infoshop Says:

    Top nights out! Happy Birthday to the wonderful Libraryhouse!!

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