Burning Down The House


AnTi Carmel-Agrexco//‘Bloody Valentine’ _bEnEfiT

52_commercial rd                                    performances
Babar Luck                                      spoken words//The jAzz mAn
Leon Walker                                             //cAptaiN of the rant
Sarah Bear
+++++++    DJset: Ethan John//stArtx/Little MInX
/Dj HumAnoid
/JoSh EvEryDay jUnGlisT//by rAs BeNji_ AtoMic sOuNd ++++++

One Response to “Burning Down The House”

  1. why anti-bonfire? do u consider guy fawkes a counter revolutionary? he was of course, cromwell was the revolutionary… cromwell fucked it up… oh but fawkes was on the fire wasn’t he? so anti fire, makes sense now, sorry, knackered… catholic conservative counter revolutionary against the first revolution, which went wrong, like all revolutions since, creating the mother of all parliaments… britain was so fucked up parliament thought it better kill the king… then it turned out, parliament was the problem all along, so they got a king back… did you know, after he died, the british dug up cromwell and posthumously hung him for treason? “cursed are a people who kill their king”… i know a descendant of the original guy fawkes gang, her ancestors were hung drawn and quartered for their part in the plot

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