Copy me – i want to travel

Monday’s Womyn’s Coding Club in conjunction with LibHouse presents:
*Copy me – i want to travel* a film by Pauline Boudry, Brigitta Kuster,
Renate Lorenz, 68 min. 2004

Together, three women filmmakers and three women computer specialists,
we take a research trip through the history of bulgarian Computer
production. The film tells his story through conversations with Plamen
Vachkov, the former managing director of the Pravetz factory, with
Doriana Moneva, who installed the printed circuit board at Pravetz and
Maria Petrova, who was a worker at the Pravetz plant and who organised
protests for owed wages, or with Vesselin Bontchev, the virus hunter,
the biggest opponent of Dark Avenger. copy me – i want to travel also
shows rare footage on the introduction of personal computers in
Bulgaria. The fact that the filmmaker?s view of the images of the cold
war is critical and yet caught up in them, and that they carry with them
their own gender and sexual positions brings about staged images that
infuse the film like a queer version of classic spy films: Pauline
Boudrys family came from Bulgaria to Switzerland and the first movie
Pauline saw with them was called „le parapluie bulgare“. It was about
the tricked out umbrella of a bulgarian agent.

Film screening followed by general discussion, socialising and
pleasantness. If you get lucky there might be cake.

Event Posting, includes map of venue:
About the film:


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