THUR/7/JAN/8PM/NOMADIC QUEER CINEMA NIGHT//Angels in America (2003, 176 min), first 3 episodes: Playwright Tony Kushner adapts eir political epic about the AIDS crisis during the mid-eighties, around a group of separate but connected individuals

WEDN/13/JAN/AFTER COP-EHNAGEN DINNER & DISCUSSION//The idea is to have dinner (on a shared basis, we cook nice vegan food you bring drinks) to make a point on what Cop-enhagen meant; is it true it represented the turning phase of the movement? and what about contents and tactics? We want to have a broad but critical approach, everyone is welcomed to come along and have a say.

WEDN/20/JAN/NO BORDER//latest info about Saturday 23rd demonstration and change to chat + video

WEDN/27/JAN/RED PSALM (Még kér a nép)// Hungary 1972. Director: Miklós Jancsó, Red Psalm is centred on a specific period in Hungarian history: the turn-of-the-century uprising of landless agricultural workers. A work of amazing and totally uncosmetic beauty.



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