The Library House, few more weeks

Today was probably the last court date the library house crew had to attend.
Our court case was a very complicated one.
The building is owned by Lambeth Council. Few months before we started occupying it, they illegaly evicted the previous tenant, a black single mother, while she was away. That was our line of defense all along against the council: “You are not entitled to evict us, because we believe that you evicted the previous tenant illegaly and she is the one who should take us to court”. We then contacted this former tenant and told her to come to court and defend her case, which she did. After a while, the council dropped the case and took her back as a secure tenant.
Even if the situation was clear for everyone and not that complicated to understand solicitors, council and court staff managed to fuck up for quite a while before making sure that the previous tenant could get her house back.
But today, things seemed to be definitely settled and the crew is already planning to move out slowly.

It has been an amazing time using this space! thanks to everyone who got involved, helped or just came round to events! :)


3 Responses to “The Library House, few more weeks”

  1. Any news on where you might be relocating and whether you’ll keep offering such fantastic public services?

  2. Well done folks. You all done very well, as the saying goes! Great space! Best of luck for the future

  3. It’s also very good the woman got a tenancy. You helped someone even yough you’ve got to move on.

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