lAst bOnfire

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Friday 5th march… the last bonfire at the LibHouse!

come along if you like to say  goodbye to us and the beautiful house and garden :) bring anything that sounds good to play music or just makes noise around the fire

7pm onwards

The Library House, few more weeks

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Today was probably the last court date the library house crew had to attend.
Our court case was a very complicated one.
The building is owned by Lambeth Council. Few months before we started occupying it, they illegaly evicted the previous tenant, a black single mother, while she was away. That was our line of defense all along against the council: “You are not entitled to evict us, because we believe that you evicted the previous tenant illegaly and she is the one who should take us to court”. We then contacted this former tenant and told her to come to court and defend her case, which she did. After a while, the council dropped the case and took her back as a secure tenant.
Even if the situation was clear for everyone and not that complicated to understand solicitors, council and court staff managed to fuck up for quite a while before making sure that the previous tenant could get her house back.
But today, things seemed to be definitely settled and the crew is already planning to move out slowly.

It has been an amazing time using this space! thanks to everyone who got involved, helped or just came round to events! :)

CineWed(-3) :: Corazon del Tiempo (Heart of Time)

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Wednesday 23rd feb
Mexico, 2008, 90 mins., color

Corazon del Tiempo is more than a romance set in Zapatista territory. It is the first feature length film filmed with Zapatista supporters as actors and filmed entirely in an EZLN community. Corazon del Tiempo is a rare and intimate look into the heart of the Zapatista revolution in Chiapas, Mexico.


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Wed 17th feb:NOT A GAME (NO ES UN JOC)
Documentary about Children Exploitation in Latin America (by Antonio Rosa, 45min)

A moving and insightful film that uncovers the important reality of thousands of children workers in Latin America, mostly from poorer indigenous communities. The rhytmh of the movie glues you to the seat…

English Subtitles

Solidarity Demo Wed 17th feb

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6.30pm-7.30pm, OUTSIDE HOLLOWAY PRISON, Parkhurst Road, London N7 0NU

On Friday 5th February 84 women started a hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood Immigration
Detention Centre near Bedford, demanding their release.

On Monday 8th February the hunger strikers were locked up by the centre’s guards for 8
hours, without access to water or toilet facilities. Four women were picked out as
“ringleaders” and were taken to various prisons. All are now incarcerated in HMP Holloway.

We are calling for the immediate release of the “Yarls Wood 4” and all the other women
still on hunger strike in the centre.

Please come and demonstrate outside HMP Holloway this Wednesday between 6.30-7.30pm.
Bring banners and instruments.


10th feb movie night!

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tonight we are showing some political stuff..
8pm tea & cake

Queer Movie Night

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Non-Commercial House is evicted again! The new venue of the film night is 195 Mare Street, Hackney.

This Sunday we will screen the last three episodes of Angels in America at 4 PM.

Angels in America (2003, 176 min): Playwright Tony Kushner adapts eir political epic about the AIDS crisis during the mid-eighties, around a group of separate but connected individuals.

After CopHenagen meeting

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After Cop-15 it seems a good time for some debate about political strategies…when old patterns have broken down it’s time to plot some alternatives and see what these different strands can pull together.
We talked about the successes and failures of COP-15, the ‘Global Justice movement’ and where to go from here…
It has been agreed environmental issues need to considered much more into a coherent critique of capitalism, which we believe is the main reason why ecological crisis’s and destruction occur.
We felt that, despite Copenhagen having been being painted as a mass gathering of radical movements; which had risen phoenix like from the ashes of the no-global, anti-capitalist movement; learning from Seattle, Genova and summit-hopping.
The reality turned out to be a hollow shell: grand call outs to bring activists from all over Europe on the dreams of grandiose slogans: ‘hit the production’, day of action! ‘Reclaim Power’.
But what happened really?
There was a lot of hope invested in the so-called ‘affinity groups’ who were going to emerge and carry out actions around town, cross police lines, confound the police etc. When the moment came the police were a lot more organized and prepared than any of us had imagined. High levels of repression bankrolled by the Danish state who didn’t want anyone or anything to tarnish their moment on the global political stage criminalized much of the movement.
Pre-emptive arrests, mass arrests (more than 2,000 protesters arrested) targeting of the ‘leaders’ – spoke-persons (basically anyone who spoke in public or went near a megaphone) found us disorganized, fragmented and with a lot of mis-communication to resolve.This leads to our first consideration: in this system of high level control, is there any point in still going to counter-summits?
We didn’t talk too much about what happened specifically in Copenhagen (fortunately); the focus was instead on the importance of networking as a tactic to keep and enlarge the community to carry out the struggle.
Act locally seems now a must, big gatherings and summits represent an important way to meet up with similar and different people in a global level which often gives enthusiasm but police control and repression is too high to contribute significantly to shut down g8s, COPs, g20s and so on.
It has been reported in the past, as well as in the present, new tactics have always been successful to create a common imaginary of creativity and bring new and more people to join the struggle.
In this contest, it has been point out the importance of creating communities around us to have even more people involved and being able to act.
We think new contents and tactics are desperately needed and it’s definitely by not turning our consumption into an ethical green-shop that the world can be saved.
There is a lot of focus on the personal lifestyle but we felt individual choices (whilst no doubt important) cannot replace political action and it is not though recycling and buying organic or fair trade products that economic system and system of productions will be challenged and changed. There is also a reflexive critique of many protagonists in the movement who stress ‘lifestyle’ and¬† personal choices as their power of impact. Jensen in Dealing with Distractions puts it succinctly: “the role of an activist is not to navigate system of oppressive power with as much integrity as possible, but rather to confront and take down those system”.
To conclude, we want to restate the futility of these false solutions proposed if they don’t first consider shutting down and struggling against this capitalistic system.
However, there’s issues still open: how to channel all the anger and frustration felt by many people regarding what to do next. This will be discussed in the next meeting 3rd February at 7pm.
Following the need of networking, we decided to start advert the Next Appointments:
==Sat 16th Jan :: Free Shop Re-Opening, 165 Commercial Rd, 12noon onward==
==Wed 20th Jan :: setting up social centres and ecoprojects, Mortlake Social Centre, 7pm==
==Sun 14th Feb :: Seed swap, Kew Eco Village==
==if you want to keep fit check this out :: Keep Fit Comrade!==


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homage to a friend

Wed 13th. COP15 and after: dinner and discussion

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After Cop-15 it seems a good time for some debate about political strategy… when old patterns have broken down it’s time to plot some alternatives and see what these different strands can pull together.

Next Wed (13th) the Library House is kindly hosting an informal dinner/discussion regarding the successes and failures of COP-15, the Global Justice movement and where to go from here.

If you have some frustrations to vent, beautiful experiences to share, incisive analysis to contribute or sudden illuminations that need expressing come and show your face!

Wholesome food ready around 7ish